Q&A with Trivium’s Bassist Paolo Gregoletto

Since 2004, Paolo Gregoletto has carved a name for himself as not only the bassist in international metal band Trivium, but as one of its main songwriters and composers. After four studio album releases and worldwide tours, performing at major music festivals like Ozzfest and the Download Festival, Paolo and his bandmates (Matt Heafy, Corey Beaulieu and Nick Augusto) have learned to maximize their respective mobile rigs to work in any situation, whether they are on the road, in a hotel room, or back at home. Apogee talks to Paolo about how ONE allows him “to experiment recording demos with ease, anywhere and at anytime.”


What’s your setup?

A ONE, Logic Express, and a Palmer PDI-03. The best way I have been able to use the ONE is with an actual guitar head and a speaker emulator plugged directly into the 1/4 inch input. From there I am able to create amazing tones without even using anything else in Logic Express. The analog and digital world is seamlessly brought together for me in the ONE, and it’s mind blowing that it’s about the same size and weight as my old iPod. To top it all off, the built-in mic sounds amazing!! I have used it to record acoustic parts for demos, and being able to put it up on a mic stand in different parts of the room allows me to create unique takes. It’s so multidimensional that you could literally record a full project in your bedroom.

How do you approach writing and creating your music?

It’s been a big learning experience making albums with Trivium. We all write music, and we have learned what each of our strengths are to make the collective ideas we come up with the “Trivium” sound. When I approach a demo or even in full band rehearsals, I like to start off with the big picture or blue print of the song. What are the key riffs, what is the vision for this song, and how are we going to approach the structure? The details of how to start or end a song are for later in the process. In the past I used to get stuck for hours trying to figure out how to start a song as opposed to just writing the outline of it all first. You can say this way of demoing is like writing a research paper, you must have a great workflow and carefully planned set of steps to achieve an amazing final product.

What elements are crucial in your studio environment to have the best workflow?

Being organized and having a vision for the music is key to keeping a consistent workflow going. Staying focused and knowing when to take a break from the work are equally important to me. As I said before, there must be a set of steps to reach the final outcome. If you don’t lay the proper foundation for your work, you will set up obstacles that you may have not had to deal with if you hadn’t rushed ahead of yourself.

What music creation software do you use?

I started on Garageband like many Mac users who play in bands. It’s an amazing program that lets you experiment with the basics of recording 101. As I got more comfortable using the program and felt like I was making the demos the best they could be made, I chose to step into Logic Express next. Logic Express has many more features and plug-ins to learn, and takes demoing to an entirely new level. I challenge myself to listen to albums I like and try to create those sounds with the tools I have. When I hit a brick wall, I get on YouTube, find the answers, and learn something new in the process.

What kind of results are you getting with ONE?

I am getting amazing results and I continue to be astounded by the versatility of the ONE. I hope that in a few years I can incorporate the ONE into the live setting on tour. I get amazing tones for bass with the ONE as my pre amp while using Logic Express for its compressor plug-ins. I truly believe that it will be possible to carry my bass rig in a laptop bag and achieve my ultimate goal of touring with the absolute bare essentials with superb tone and quality. For now I will just continue furthering my recording skills with the ONE and blurring the lines between demoing and the final album product.

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